No business can succeed in the long term if it adversely impacts the environment in which it exists.

The Noma Collective team brings a combined track record of 30+ years building socially purposeful businesses.

Better business means making positive impacts in the places that you operate. We are committed to making environmentally considerate choices, giving back to the local areas and investing in greener, better business. In all the locations, we focus on making sure that the food is locally sourced, from local producers and wholesalers. We support all dietary choices and cater for those who have chosen a diet with a low environmental impact, just let us know how to cater for you and we’ll be sure to help!

Noma members engage in community care initiatives on the ground and post their stays to help with the local communities needs. To scale up these effective sustainability and social impact programs, we are approaching it in 3 phases:

Three phases of commitment to scale up these effective sustainability and social impact programs:

An integral part of the Noma community is establishing an intentional connection with the local community by inviting its residents, community leaders, and youth to participate in the co creation of local initiatives sponsored by Noma such as after school recreational programs, neighborhood and beach cleanups, and student mentorship. Members of the Noma community are expected to participate in the local sustainability giveback projects during their stay.

Before Your arrival, You will have a sales/pitch call with a Noma rep where you’ll get a chance to ask any questions you may have and get briefed on the full scope of the experience. During that time, the Noma rep will also uplift the social impact and sustainability initiatives and why it’s a part of our core values. 

When You Arrive, you will receive an on-site orientation from a NOMA Community Manager. During the orientation, it will be uplifted again that supporting local sustainability initiatives is at the root of our program and you will be presented with the current pathways/ opportunities to get involved at that location.

During Your Stay + Before Departure you can expect to be invited to and to participate in small giveback programs and community outreach projects, such as neighborhood rubbish collections, community  painting/beautification days, beach cleanups, etc. The Social Impact Program Leader  on site will be primarily responsible for plugging you in to these events. Depending on how involved you want to be, towards the middle of your stay and/or before you leave, you can expect to have an escalation conversations with a either the Community Manger or the Social Impact Program Leader to gauge how you’d like to maintain/further your engagement beyond your stay. Lastly, there will be an off-boarding form sent to you the day of your departure that will ask for your overall feedback on the experience, including the service work that you did. 

Once you depart and are officially Noma alumni, don’t expect the efforts you’ve contributed to stop with your stay. The Social Im

As a diverse community of individuals possessing a wide range of lived, labored, and learned experiences we aim to thoughtfully engage the Noma community with the local communities we travel to by creating holistic experiences rooted in respect, community care, and social impact. As we continue to see an increase in results from and interest in our sustainable giveback program, we aim to build up physical infrastructure to support our recreational and professional development mentorship program.

OCM x Noma Collective

We are very excited to announce our collaboration with the OnChainMonkey DAO, the community behind OnChainMonkey.
OCM is a NFT collection with the mission to use crypto, the blockchain and Web3 to empower communities to begin solving the exponential problems that threaten to change our world.

The OnChainMonkey DAO has secured funds for the social activities that Noma use to offer in Belize: Together, we will be doing weekly sportive and artistic activities for children that includes snacks, water, art supplies and sport balls when needed. We also secured a monthly beach clean up, providing supplies for this too. These weekly and monthly activities will take place over all over 2023 (52 children activities and 12 beach clean ups) 

Every OCM holder will have some benefits when travelling with Noma Every Noma's Alumni will get a POAP after their trip, for you to keep in your wallet for ever, having a warm welcome to the web3 space from the amazing OCM DAO.

If you want to know more about OCM, please drop by their Discord or Twitter.

OCM x Noma Collective