Our Mission

We are the connectors of pipe dreams, pioneers of new ways of living, with a hunger for the very best of each day.

Why spend every day in an office, when you can be working from paradise? Why limit your daily experience when you can truly have the best of the world? What’s stopping you from truly living your best life?

The Noma Collective was an idea born of friends and brought to life on a peninsula in Belize. The success of our first project, Umaya Village, saw over 250 guests visit us at a beautiful resort, nestled between the lagoon and the ocean. We worked, we played, we grew, we shared, we became more than just a travel concept, we became a community.

Today, the same friends are extending their reach across the globe, with multiple exciting locations and endless new experiences. Our goal is to help people make new connections, discover, develop and explore new ways of being.

We are building a community of people who mutually support each other in their past, present and future endeavours. Our core values are:

  • We take risks to grow outside our comfort zone, We embrace change. We are hungry, curious people.

  • We are open minded people - "we say YES to new ideas", We are non-judgemental. This is a safe space for new ideas and new ways of being

  • We are Creative Collaborators, we take turns to lead and step up when it is our time to do so

  • We add value to the community, in Placencia and wherever we are.

  • We balance work with partying. We know when it's time to knuckle down and when we can kick back.

  • We are diverse in experience and knowledge and aspire to increase the diversity in our community

We all believe deeply in sustainable, slow travel, the freedom of movement and the creative power of working alongside new people. We started Noma Collective as a way to build a global community, create professional development opportunities for those working on the move and remove the isolation of working away from home. 

Working remotely is not as easy as the internet would have you believe (as with most things!) but with the right environment, and the right people around you, we can make it easier, fun and fulfilling. We can promise that whoever you are and whatever you do, there will be something from Noma Collective that brings you joy.

What on earth are you waiting for?


No business can succeed in the long term if it adversely impacts the environment in which it exists. We're committed to positive impact both locally and internally. Find out how we do that here.