It can't be all work and no play... here at Noma Collective we believe that fun is essential.

We have a wonderful team of event organisers and community managers to carefully curate a truly exceptional programme of activities for you during your stay. Each week we offer exercise classes, yoga, meditation and other soul-enriching workshops to support your wellbeing and in many of our locations gym facilities are available. With a big old world to explore - we've hand-picked the very best of adventure available in each location, with weekend trips snorkelling, fishing, hiking, skiing, diving, as well as immersing in the local culture and community.

We host a variety of guest workshops, local guided tours, community meals and more to invite you to explore not only the places you're staying but your own growth. Let us know if you have a topic or skill you'd like to share with the community in our guest workshops, we've had talks ranging from social media to menstrual cycle and crypto-currency to djing. We believe deeply in sharing, learning and levelling up together, where will your experience take you?

Current Tours


Island Life

Take a day out snorkelling around some of the world's most beautiful locations or how about learning to scuba dive? Explore the oceans, the vibrant reef, hopping from island to island and swimming in crystal clear waters.


Cultural Experiences

Immerse yourself in the local traditionals and talents of the area, with experiences like drumming lessons from master Garifuna drummers, learning to cook Mayan cuisine or making chocolate from Cacao.


Jungle Living

Explore protected national parks with your own two feet, complete with hiking trails, waterfalls and river tubing. Or how about going horseback riding in the jungle, ziplining through the forest canopy and driving ATVs through the mud.


Historical Tours

Discover the rich heritage of our locations, explore ruins, ancestral caves, and religious monuments to take in the sheer brilliance of it all.


Explore Wellness

Every week we organize a host of activities and events that support health & wellbeing, to facilitate growth individually and as a community. No two weeks are the same, are you ready to take the plunge?