Digital Nomads

What does it mean to be a

Digital Nomad?

Being a digital nomad means having the ability to work remotely (outside of a physical office) and take your job with you anywhere in world; wherever your laptop is, you can work! Being a digital nomad means exploring the world, meeting new people and having life changing experiences, all while keeping up with your work schedule and deadlines. 

We are a remote work community so our priority is making sure your working environment is just right. Whilst the locations all have varying physical features and attractions, each has reliable, high speed wifi and various digital nomad friendly co-working areas; come work with us in our all glass co-working space in the heart of the Panamanian jungle, or our fully equipped apartments in Buenos Aires!

We prioritise comfort and amenities and have great wifi at all our locations. If you have specific requirements for the internet, please let us know and we’ll be happy to help!

With a bustling community of remote workers, entrepreneurs and creatives, you’ll feel at home nailing the zoom calls or creating from any of our workspaces. It’s truly the perfect environment to let creativity flow. Please note, we cannot take responsibility for the inescapable jealousy of your colleagues on Zoom calls.

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Digital Nomad Insurance with Insured Nomads

Insured Nomads have designed the perfect coverage to meet the medical and travel needs faced by Digital Nomads and other remote workers while they are outside of their home country.

Follow the link to find out more about discounted rates with Insured Nomads


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