Meet The Noma Family

Noma Collective was created by a family of friends and remote workers, united by a love of remote work, travel, music and an aspiration to give-back to people and nature.

CEO & Co Founder


Daniel was born in London and has been a nomad since 2012. He spent his early 20's in music marketing and PR where he met Jack, one of the other founders of Noma. 

After deciding to leave the UK in search of something better he spent almost 2 years traveling before he settled in Argentina. Working the summer festival scene in Europe and spending the winters in Latin America.  

In Argentina he launched the 1st Art Members Club in the country where he found is passion, community. Creating safe spaces for people to grow and make the leap from their traditional 9 to 5. 

Daniel found himself looking elsewhere and in 2019 decided to move to Belize. We all know what happened next. 2020. But from the toughest moments come beautiful things and Noma was born on the shores of Placencia. You can still find him there, playing volleyball, entering into a late night DMC or a philosophical debate and where appropriate with an IPA in hand.

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Co Founder


Co-founder of Noma Collective

Born and raised in New York.

After founding and investing in companies in the Pharmaceuticals and Cannabis industry, Craig developed a passion for the remote work space

After years of extensive fast travel during paid time off, Craig took his first digital nomad trip to Belize during the pandemic with his wife and 18 month old son. 

Always up for a game of volleyball or a morning coffee on the beach.

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Co Founder


Jack is a serial founder and growth hacker. He
started life as an event promoter and to date has
organized more than 1000 club events attended by over 1 million people.

Jack knows how to build brands that cross borders, having created 7 music festivals in 6 countries and is a two-time Best International Festival Awards winner.

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Head Of Community Operations


Calla is part of the founding team at Noma Collective. 

With her ear to the ground and getting to know 400+ alumni at almost every Edition since we launched in February 2021, Calla understands our customer, the vision of the business and what is needed to curate the best possible experience for every member of our community. 

She has a passion for building relationships, social impact, wellbeing and of course, a little party here and there. If you catch her on an Edition, she will be down for a catch up over a spicy margs at sunset. 

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Head of Sales & Marketing


Meet Franki! She has a background in customer relations, and all forms of art and design including branding, graphics, retail installations, and murals; But her one true passion is travel (especially to warm, turquoise-colored bodies of water). She is also fluent in American Sign Language.

When she's not answering emails or working with our social media team, you can find her playing beach volleyball, seeking out an adrenaline-based activity, or simply reading a good book in the shade.

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Graphic Designer & Community Manager


Hi I'm Juan!

I'm someone who finds joy creating meaningful connections with others. A music & fashion lover. I am always on the lookout for new experiences and constantly seeking to expand my knowledge and understanding of the world around me. I am passionate about building relationships and discovering new points of view.

Originally from Medellín.

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Sales team member


Hello, I am Marie 

I am a naturotherapist from Canada who is passionate about medicinal plants, yoga and ice bath therapy. I express myself through arts such as painting, singing and dancing. I would say bringing people together around a fire for a little jam is one of my favorite thing ever. I have the chance to live on the road as a professional nomad and as a member of this community! This lifestyle changed my life for the better! Feel free to plan a discovery call with me and I will guide you through the process of how to join the Noma Collective community!

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Community Manager


Hi, I'm Mariela!

I am an adventurer who loves traveling and getting lost in cool hidden places and exploring nature.

I am a music lover which naturally makes me passionate about dancing as well. 

I am from Antigua originally, so I absolutely love showing people my home. Hit me up for local recommendations, I am always down for a dance at the local salsa club. 

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Community Manager


Hi I’m Vani! 

I’m from Buenos Aires, Argentina and I can't wait to show you my wonderful city, and create the best and most authentic local experiences.

I like meeting new people, explore places & find new things to do at all times! I’m a fashion and animal lover. Hope to meet you soon!

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Armani is an experienced Training and Organizing Director with 9 years of experience in civic engagement, democracy building, and racial equity practices. 

He has served on numerous electoral and issue-based campaigns in urban, suburban. and rural areas across the United States. Additionally, he sports 5 years of creative consulting experience supporting video production and event or content curation projects. 

Armani possesses a background in International relations and is passionate about strengthening his ability to cultivate commonality within spaces where identity, equity, age, and power intersect. He hails from Brooklyn, NY, and currently resides in Las Vegas, NV. In his spare time, he enjoys practicing foreign languages, thrill-seeking adventures, creative consulting, and video production.

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Najaah is a futurist, holistic healer, and systems change strategist with 15 years of experience in politics, movement organizing, and social impact. Najaah's work on the local, state, and national levels has awarded her numerous accolades including a Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition and the Princeton Prize in Race Relations. 

She is also the Founder and CEO of Twice As Good LLC, a trauma-informed impact firm specialized in helping individuals and institutions transmute trauma into post-traumatic growth. In February 2021, Najaah joined Zebras Unite, a global multi-stakeholder cooperative, to spearhead the Inclusive Capital Collective and its efforts to overcome systemic racism in the United States through equitable access to capital. As an Orisha priestess in the Indigenous Faith of Africa (IFA), Najaah Ifaleri's work is rooted in Iwa Pele (good character) and centered in community with the living, our ancestors, and nature. 

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Our Mission

We are the connectors of pipe dreams, pioneers of new ways of living, with a hunger for the very best of each day.

Why spend every day in an office, when you can be working from paradise? Why limit your daily experience when you can truly have the best of the world? What’s stopping you from truly living your best life?

The Noma Collective was an idea born of friends and brought to life on a peninsula in Belize. The success of our first project, Umaya Village, saw over 250 guests visit us at a beautiful resort, nestled between the lagoon and the ocean. We worked, we played, we grew, we shared, we became more than just a travel concept, we became a community.

Today, the same friends are extending their reach across the globe, with multiple exciting locations and endless new experiences. Our goal is to help people make new connections, discover, develop and explore new ways of being.

We are building a community of people who mutually support each other in their past, present and future endeavours. Our core values are:

  • We take risks to grow outside our comfort zone, We embrace change. We are hungry, curious people.

  • We are open minded people - "we say YES to new ideas", We are non-judgemental. This is a safe space for new ideas and new ways of being

  • We are Creative Collaborators, we take turns to lead and step up when it is our time to do so

  • We add value to the community, in Placencia and wherever we are.

  • We balance work with partying. We know when it's time to knuckle down and when we can kick back.

  • We are diverse in experience and knowledge and aspire to increase the diversity in our community

We all believe deeply in sustainable, slow travel, the freedom of movement and the creative power of working alongside new people. We started Noma Collective as a way to build a global community, create professional development opportunities for those working on the move and remove the isolation of working away from home. 

Working remotely is not as easy as the internet would have you believe (as with most things!) but with the right environment, and the right people around you, we can make it easier, fun and fulfilling. We can promise that whoever you are and whatever you do, there will be something from Noma Collective that brings you joy.

What on earth are you waiting for?