Catamaran & Moho Caye Leaving Party!

Experience an all-inclusive day of pure bliss aboard a awesome sailboat, setting sail on the crystal-clear Caribbean waters. 🌊⛵️



** Minimum 8 required for this trip ** 🌊 Set Sail on the Noma Catamaran Adventure! 🌞 Get ready to embark on an unforgettable Caribbean journey aboard our stunning Catamaran! 🚢 🏝️Destination: Our voyage takes us to the pristine Moho Caye, a breathtaking National Park Island boasting untouched white sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters teeming with marine life. It's a slice of paradise you won't want to miss! Here's what awaits you: 🍹Unlimited Drinks: Sip on your favorite beverages, from tropical cocktails to refreshing soft drinks. The bar is stocked, and the good times are flowing! 🍔Beach BBQ: Indulge in a beachside barbecue, savoring local Belizean grilled delights while surrounded by the natural beauty of Moho Caye. 🍔🏖️ 🏖️Beach Bliss: Spend quality time on the island's pristine beaches. Whether you're sunbathing, beachcombing, or simply relaxing in a hammock, the choice is yours. 🌴☀️ 🌅Spectacular Scenery: Marvel at the breathtaking views as you cruise the Caribbean waters. From the turquoise sea to the endless horizon, every moment is a picture-perfect memory. 📷 🐠Marine Wonderland: You have the option to dive into the vibrant underwater world with snorkeling gear provided on board. Explore coral reefs, swim among colorful fish, and get up close and personal with marine marvels. 🐟🤿 🌞Sun-Kissed Memories: Capture the essence of your day with photos that will make your friends envious. This is the Caribbean dream come true. 📸 ⏰Itinerary: Departure from Umaya: 9:30 AM Return to Placencia: Approximately 5:00 PM Book your spot now and prepare for a day of sun, sea, and smiles on the Noma Catamaran Adventure! 🌊🚢🌞

What's Included

What's Included

A day of sailing on a beautiful catamaran

Option to snorkel

BBQ lunch on the island (veg options available)

Unlimited alcohol throughout the day

Taxi ride into town (inc in price)

Island stop at the beautiful Moho Caye

Snacks on the boat

Tickets Accommodation Dive Options

1 Day Pass

1 Day Pass

Day pass for catamaran trip, unlimited alcohol, lunch & park entrance


Trip tips

What to bring

What to bring

- Swimwear - Sunscreen - Change of dry clothes (if heading into town afterward) - Towel - A playlist fit for a boat trip... - GOOD VIBES

Catamaran & Moho Caye Leaving Party!

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