Elephant Sunset & Arabuko Sokoke Forest

Join us on the quest for elephant life in the indigenous East African forest



Timings: - 4pm leaving the villa - 8pm approx return time At 4pm we’ll set off from the villa in our vans. We’ll take a loop through the Arabuko Sokoke Forest where our guide will tell us more about this most important indigenous forest in East Africa. The forest has 40 recorded mammal species including African Elephant, African Buffalo, African Civet, Caracal, Syke’s Monkeys, Yellow Baboons and Lesser Galago (or bush baby). Some of Kenya’s rarest mammals are found here, including the Golden-rumped Elephant-shrew, Sokoke Bushy-tailed Mongoose and Ader’s Duiker. We will hit up an elevated lookout point where we can see across the entire forest and then, we’ll post up at the watering hole and hope that we are blessed with an elephant sighting. We can’t guarantee that we will see elephants at sunset BUT it is highly likely during the dry season that they will come to drink. What to bring: Comfortable clothing Something to sit on (blanket/ towel / shawl) Bug repellent

Elephant Sunset & Arabuko Sokoke Forest

Kenya· 1 day