Garifuna Cooking Class in Seine Bight Village

Join us for an authentic culinary experience with Kim at her family home in Seine Bight Village.



Depart at: 2pm Starts time: 2.15pm Be back at Umaya: 5:30pm Join us to form part of an amazing and uniques cooking experience right next to Kim Nunez in Seine Bight Village to learn to cook a classic Garifuna dish called Hudut, a delicious meal featuring a rich coconut broth, crispy fried fish, mashed plantain, or tapau, another rich and savory stew of green bananas, coconut milk and fish!! We will also learn how to husk and grate a coconut right off the tree to make fresh coconut milk. We will have the opportunity to cook over an outdoor, wood burning fire hearth right in the yard with Kim, Bobby and their family.

What's Included

What's Included

Transportation to and from Umaya

An authentic Garifuna cooking class in a family home

A fresh, home cooked lunch with locally sourced ingredients

Exploration of the Garifuna culture through food, drink and music

Garifuna Cooking Class in Seine Bight Village

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