Robinson Island Visit & Marafa Canyon Sunset Walk

Explore Robinson Island's golden sands and Kenya's majestic Grand Canyon. 🏞️🌅



We’ll start off towards Malindi in the morning and stop along the way at some gorgeous sites. We’ll visit an ancient baobab tree, observe the Sabaki river and if we’re lucky - we might spot some hippos lounging near the shore. From there we will drive to Robinson Island, a traditional fishing village in the Malindi mangroves, where you might hear a traditional Giriama song or two being sung by the captains as the punt through the waters. You’ll walk the Robinson Island beach and then partake in a grilled seafood buffet, if you so choose. Enjoy the scenery as we jump back in the cars for an hour to visit Kenya’s grand canyon – Marafa, otherwise known as Hell’s Kitchen. This depression of sandstone, boasts dramatic layers of calcium, sulphur and iron. Colours range from whites, pinks, ochres and reds, formed into giant folds, pillars, gorges, pinnacles. Our tour guide will lead you on a small hike (more like a walk) and tell you the stories of the myths that have popped up around the land. Enjoy some snacks and drinks at sunset as the colors of the canyon stop popping off vibrantly. What to bring: Walking shoes Bathing suit Any alcohol if you’d like to make a toast at sunset

What's Included

What's Included


Boat Ride

Car transportation


Tour Guides

Any extra drinks or alcohol

Robinson Island Visit & Marafa Canyon Sunset Walk

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