Robinson Island Visit & Marafa Canyon Sunset Hike

Visit the golden sands of Robinson Island and Kenya’s grand canyon.



Step into adventure as we venture to Robinson Island, an enchanting fishing village nestled within the Malindi mangroves. Feel the rhythm of the sea as we explore the picturesque beaches and savor a mouthwatering seafood banquet. Then, brace yourself for a thrilling visit to Marafa, Kenya’s spectacular grand canyon, also known as Hell’s Kitchen. Prepare for awe-inspiring sights as we hike through dramatic sandstone formations, adorned with vibrant hues of calcium, sulfur, and iron. As the sun sets, indulge in snacks and drinks amidst the mesmerizing colors of the canyon. Don't forget your walking shoes, bathing suit, and favorite drinks to toast to unforgettable moments.

What's Included

What's Included


Boat Ride

Car transportation


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Robinson Island Visit & Marafa Canyon Sunset Hike

Kenya· 1 day