Tigre - Overnight trip

A weekend trip to the beautiful city of Tigre, just outside of Buenos Aires.



Tigre is an autonomous city west of the capital, is located at the height of the river delta of “Rio de la Plata”. A brown-gold river is a confluence of two rivers, Paraná and Uruguay. Both rivers have their origin in Brazil. Tigre is located 32 km / 20 miles from the capital. We take the Obelisco as a starting point. The river delta is characterized by its winding watercourses over an immense area. Tigre is often compared to Venice because of the many small river branches.

What's Included

What's Included

Night's stay at the hotel

Room with Wifi

Pool and all areas of the hotel

Hiking trails through forest

Visit to San Francisco Convent (Historic Building)

Activities for the weekend


Food & Beverage

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Tigre - Overnight trip

Argentina· 1 night