Antigua, Guatemala A City Erupting With Culture

Sitting on an active tectonic zone, nestled near four volcanoes - Agua, Fuego, Acatenango and Pacaya - lies Antigua Guatemala, a city erupting with culture.

To say that Antigua Guatemala had an explosive history would be an understatement. Originally founded in 1524, Antigua initially served as Guatemala's capital city. However, it was briefly abandoned after an indigenous uprising until it was re-established in 1527. Unfortunately, after the 1541 eruption of Volcán de Agua, the city was completely buried in debris. After being re-established once again, Antigua Guatemala thrived for over two centuries until it was demolished by the Santa Marta earthquakes of 1773. Following the earthquakes, it was decided that Guatemala City should become the new capital. The remaining residents named the former capital 'El Antigua Guatemala,' which translates to 'The Old Guatemala'.

With Noma, you'll be staying in a group of incredible one-bed villas, just a 10-minute walk from the main square. Each villa opens up to a central courtyard and has easy access to a beautiful terrace with a pool and co-working space. The villas are equipped with high-speed Wi-Fi, a private workspace and fully equipped kitchens. We've got everything you need to make your remote work trip as comfortable as possible. After the work day is over expect family dinners, cooking classes, and salsa nights. On the weekends you can hike volcanoes, lounge at El Paredon Beach or visit Lake Atitlan.

The city's Baroque-style architecture is one of the main attractions, for many it’s what makes the place so special. Lots of the old city's monuments have been preserved as ruins and In 1979, Antigua Guatemala was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The best neighbourhoods for those visiting Antigua the first time are considered to be Barrio de La Concepción, El Caseo and Santa Ana. Small but mighty, there's so much culture crammed into the city, as well as volcanoes to hike and beautiful lakes to visit. It’s a place that is perfect for adventurous wanderers or more chilled-out travellers who appreciate fine coffee, amazing architecture and tasty cuisine.

The main attraction is one of the world's most active volcanoes, the 3,768m-tall Volcan de Fuego (Volcano of Fire). The volcano has been erupting constantly since 2002 and shoots lava into the air every 15-30 minutes. It is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience to witness, just another thing we’re helping you check off that bucket list!

The rich volcanic soils are perfect for coffee production making the coffee in Antigua Guatemala some of the best quality coffee in the world. Make sure you visit Fat Cat Coffee, Cafe Estudio and Artista de Cafe for the best coffee in the city. The best cafes for remote working include Rainbow Café, Bella Vista Coffee, Café Barista and Fernando’s Kaffee.

For an authentic experience, visit Caboa Farm Cafe, an organic farm-to-table restaurant with farmers markets on Saturdays and Sundays hosting live music and vendors. Kombu Ramen Shop has the best ramen in all of Antigua Guatemala, while Barriga Llena offers a wide range of delicious food, brunch and cocktails. XQ No? (Por Qué No? Cafe) is a cosy bistro in the heart of Antigua. If you're in the mood for tacos, then Cactus Tacos is the place to be and Café Sol is the best if you’re in a brunch mood.

Even though a lot of traditional Guatemalan cuisine is very meat-centric, for all our plant-based crew; we've got the goods. Wachuma and Samsara are perfect veggie and vegan options for takeout food, Once Once serves delicious local vegan goods and La Bruja is an unbelievable veggie and vegan-friendly restaurant.

The local dishes that you don't want to miss are:

The nightlife in Antigua Guatemala is a lot more chilled than in Guatemala City, making it a safer option for a night out. But it is far from dull.

The best spots are:

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Trip Dates:

October 20th to November 10th, 2024


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