Yes, you need to have an existing part time or full time remote job to join. Noma Collective does not offer any type of remote work job opportunities. We do however provide resources through our blog and social media posting, as well as offering 'Noma Academy', a 7 day bootcamp in Belize to teach you everything you need to know about how to get and keep a remote working job and being a digital nomad. 

Noma Collective reserve the right to cancel any booking, or reject any booking request based on ability to work remotely. 

Noma Collective does not require any vaccinations to join, however, please speak with your medical provider on what the best choice for you would be given the locations/destinations you are traveling to. 

To get started, please fill out our 'get started' form at the top of our website. This brief form will lead you to to book a necessary call with a team member to discuss all the details about the location you are interested in. 

Need to change your booking due to personal, health or travel plan reasons? We are able to move your deposit from one location to another, no questions asked. We simply hold your deposit and you can rebook when you are ready putting that deposit money toward your new edition location/dates! We are able to hold deposits for up to 1 calendar year. 

Noma Collective is a group of like-minded, hard working professionals who live a well balance life with a positive attitude. Your call with a team member not only goes over all the details of the location(s) you are interested in and what to expect while on-site, but it also helps us get to know you and ensure you would be a great fit for our community (as well as to answer any questions you may have!). This call also helps us to guide you to which location would be best for you if you need help choosing!

For couples or friends sharing a room, we have a great offer! A couple (or 2 people sharing 1 room) would be priced at the price per person + 20%. Instead of paying the 'per person price' for 2 people, you pay only 20% extra to include a second person in your room. 

Since our editions last only 3 weeks, we recommend entering as tourist for stay with us. Should you plan to stay longer than the 3 weeks with Noma Collective, please visit the country you are visiting's embassy page to view the visa requirements and applications. Noma is not responsible for your obtaining a visa or not. 

Any cancellation of reservations or portions of reservations MUST be received in writing.

●  45 days or more prior to arrival = The amount of the deposit made, minus 20% cancellation fee (of total trip price)  + US$100 processing fee. 

●  0 - 45 days prior to arrival = No refund

●  No show = No refund

●  All shared accommodation is non transferable

We are unable to process any type of refund or reimbursement should you fall ill or contract Covid 19 in the days leading up to your edition. If this is a concern of yours, we highly recommend purchasing insurance through our partners below. Refunds will not be issued for any type of health related cancellation.

Noma Collective reserves the right to cancel your booking, or reject a booking request, based on a person's ability to remote work, or value misalignment with Noma's strong values of community, kindness, optimism, adventure and understanding. This is not only important to our thriving community, but also to our dedicated team who work hard to bring the best Noma Collective experience to all of our Noma community.

Everyone is different in terms of their lifestyle so it is hard to give exact numbers across all different locations. As a general framework, all of our locations have restaurants/bars near by offering a wide range of options and pricing. Each accommodation has a communal kitchen (some locations are more equipped than others; please speak with your assigned team member on your call) that give you the flexibility to save money by going to local grocery stores and cooking your own meals. 

We cater for all diet types and our team has its fair share of allergies and dietary needs. If you have any specific enquiries then please get in touch.

Every week is different but you can always count on the Noma experience. Your onsite community manager is in charge of creating a weekly schedule that includes an element of fitness, your 9-5 working hours and a daily community event that can range from a bonfire on the beach to an authentic cooking class (depending on location). On the weekends we explore and have off-site adventures (for additional cost) such as our famous catamaran cruise day in Belize, a weekend at Lake Atitlan in Antigua, and a trip to Mendoza wine region in Argentina...with so many places to see and explore, Noma Collective helps give you a full, well-balanced week. 

Noma Collective respects and loves service dogs across our locations! (proper paperwork needed). Some locations are more dog friendly than others. Please speak with your assigned team member during your call.

Whether being a nomad is right for you is a question that can only be answered by doing it. Some prefer to work in a structured organization, with the same people and a repetitive schedule, others are curious, adventurous and open. Noma Collective offers a safe environment to explore these questions and experience your first steps as a remote worker. 

If you are unsure but want to give it a go, then let us know and we can talk you through our personal experiences. During your time with Noma we are always here to connect, discuss and support you in your experience. 

There is a reality to remote work; you need to have income or savings to support your first steps. It can take 3-6 months to develop a fully remote source of income. For some, their first steps are to negotiate a remote work agreement with an existing employer, others like to jump in the deep end. As part of the on-boarding, we’ll help you through this decision making process, but the easiest way to transition to a remote income is to get a remote work agreement from your employer.

We’ll send a checklist in advance of your arrival on what to bring/how to prepare. However, think of it like an extended trip so be ready with all the usuals (insurances, travel vaccines etc).

There are some great online materials and youtube blogs that can provide some insight into this.


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