Take your job on the road, make meaningful connections, experience the world


We Are Noma Collective

Remote work doesn’t have to be from your living room, you can take your job anywhere. Noma Collective is a community of likeminded traveling professionals. We specialize in meaningful connections, life changing experiences and curating adventures around the world. Join our community, take the leap to a new life and let us do the planning.


Our Live Noma Locations

Kenya Edition - 2nd July - 31st July 2022

Watamu, Kenya

July 2 - 31 2022· 29 nights

Kenya Edition - 2nd July - 31st July 2022

Join us in Watamu, Kenya where safari meets white sandy beaches for a once-in-a lifetime digital nomad adventure.


Bali Noma x The Luxe Week Edition 9th - 30th September

Bali, Indonesia

September 9 - 30 2022· 21 nights

Bali Noma x The Luxe Week Edition 9th - 30th September

We've partnered up with The Luxe Week to bring you the ultimate Bali experience.


Belize Village - September 3 to  November 20

Placencia, Belize

September 3 - November 20 2022· 78 nights

Belize Village - September 3 to November 20

Pick any three weeks within these dates at our Noma HQ location in Belize for the digital nomad experience of a lifetime


Panama Edition - 23rd October to 20th November

Bocas Del Toro, Panama

October 23 - November 20 2022· 28 nights

Panama Edition - 23rd October to 20th November

Join us in Bocas Del Toro, Panama, in a private jungle eco lodge, minutes away from beautiful beaches and a bustling coastal surf town.


Antigua Edition - 24th September to 22nd October

Guatemala, Guatemala

September 24 - October 22 2022· 28 nights

Antigua Edition - 24th September to 22nd October

Join us in Antigua, Guatemala: a cozy, colorful city known for its close-knit community, rainbow architecture, and delicious food scene.


Medellin Edition - 27th November to 19th December

Medellin, Colombia

November 27 - December 19 2022· 22 nights

Medellin Edition - 27th November to 19th December

Join us in Poblado: Medellín’s artsy neighborhood nestled amongst the mountains with a great remote work culture and atmosphere to match.


Where Will Your Curiosity Take You First?

What We Offer

Every Noma Collective experience is centered around four key aspects; work, community, wellness and adventure. No matter where you go with us, you’ll find your rhythm.



Work from the most beautiful locations in the world - never missing a meeting. All our locations offer a fully equipped digital nomad experience with wifi, growth workshops, co-working spaces and an ever growing network of remote workers. Warning: zoom meetings will definitely inspire jealousy from your colleagues.



Our biggest focus is community and the innumerable benefits of bringing together amazing individuals from around the world. We host enriching guest workshops, themed community dinners and events to help you connect and make memories that last a lifetime.


Wellness & Adventure

It can’t be all work and no play, so we’ve curated a wonderful wellness and adventure program to compliment your time at each location. With weekly exercise, yoga, gym facilities and a rotating schedule of incredible excursions and trips every weekend, why not take the leap?

What Do Our Past Guests Have to Say?


"Noma Collective was my first step into remote work. As a digital event producer I was nervous but I facilitated events viewed by 1m+ people across 50+ countries. I now have more freelance work than ever before."


"At Noma you have a community of people which you can socialise with, learn from, go on trips and build genuine friendships with. I got to learn about so many different professions and the skill sharing was a really valuable aspect of the experience for me."


"It was clear that this is the place I needed to be; Interesting people doing interesting things.⁠ The big takeaways are; great beaches, nice relaxing atmosphere and really cool people to hang out with on the regular."


"It’s exciting to wake up and enjoy a day with friends. It's changed my perspective on travel, made me love it again, especially wanting to look out for opportunities to meet and make friendships with people.⁠"


"Noma Collective is not just an office upgrade, but is a space where you can connect with kind and curious nomads from around the world while immersing yourself in local culture. I am walking away from this experience with new skillsets, perspective and most importantly, beautiful new friends."


"Coming to Noma, was such a wonderful decision! It gave me the “coworkers” I’ve never had.⁠ The break in my normal pace and change of space has allowed me to focus on myself and grow in ways I couldn’t have dreamed."


"The vibe is much better than traditional retreats as you live in a community of awesome new friends, rather than with transient strangers who claim loungers by leaving towels on them! I'm super keen to come back and get more involved for sure. This place and the people are great."


"I loved every minute of my time here. Great people, beautiful resort, lots of great activities, what else is there to say?"


"I wrote my 4th album at Noma. I've never been so productive. Everyone was supportive and friendly which made the atmosphere electric."


"As an entrepreneur focused on wellbeing, finding a place that offers a calm, grounded and creative environment is essential to unlocking your inner potential. Thanks Noma Collective for being just that."

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