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During the pandemic, the number of remote workers greatly increased; in 2022, almost 17 million people called themselves digital nomads. With the average age for remote workers being 32, naturally, there has also been a rise in nomads continuing the nomadic lifestyle after they have children.

Did you know that now, over ¼ of digital nomads have children under the age of 18. In these families, 41% of children travel full-time and 59% either travel part-time or not at all. As many of you might know, there can be a lot of obstacles stopping families from being able to embrace the nomadic family lifestyle. Often related to the logistics, loneliness and lack of community, children feeling unsettled, or children needing to be entertained and socialised.

Enter: Noma Collective, of course. If you seek harmony between childcare, travel and career development, our three-week Noma Family Edition in Belize is the perfect starting point. Whether you are new to the nomadic family lifestyle, or a seasoned nomad just looking for a change in pace and scenery; at our Noma HQ in Placencia, Belize, we’ve got it covered. Be transported into a parent-friendly remote workers paradise with pristine beaches, lush rainforests and breathtaking waterfalls. We handle everything from providing co-working spaces, curating family activities and keeping your children entertained with our reimagined kids club.

Not only that, Noma Family takes place during your child’s summer holidays from June 30th to July 21st, 2024, so finding alternative education isn't needed. Now there's one obstacle removed; what about the rest?

How do I organise the logistics of the trip?

Short answer. You don’t. Noma carefully curates your whole adventure in Belize with catamaran trips, underwater diving or snorkelling adventures and hikes to discover hidden waterfalls and Mayan ruins. Enjoy delicious family meals on our terrace or unwind on the beach.

Our itinerary is curated but not compulsory; you can choose what excursions and adventures best suit you. If you want a non-stop adventure or to relax by the pool, we have got you sorted. Each member of your family will leave Noma HQ feeling refreshed and revived.

What if my children don’t enjoy the unsettlement of the nomadic lifestyle?

We understand the toll the nomadic lifestyle can sometimes have, so at Noma, we prioritise wellness. Our three-week trip gives you the chance to settle and relax at our Noma HQ in Placencia, Belize. We offer comfortable and family-friendly accommodation with a huge range of facilities right on the doorstep.

We understand the value and importance of these services so you can reset and experience the best of travel and community. Broaden your children’s horizons and encourage them to be curious and creative people for life.

How will we find a sense of community?

Here at Noma value community over everything and do everything we can to ensure that we curate a community experience for you and your family to meet like-minded people, make friends and forge connections.

Not only will your children develop and experience the best of the nomadic lifestyle. You will work and live alongside a community of professionals you can network with. You will also have access to a private Slack channel with 400+ worldwide members; after your trip ends you will be part of our growing Noma alumni network.

We are also so proud of our local community initiatives we offer volunteering opportunities on the island. Partake in after-school recreational programs, neighbourhood and beach cleanups, and student mentorship. Your family can experience meaningful interactions and connect with the local community.

How can I entertain my children when I am also working?

We provide extensive children’s programmes, babysitting & family concierge services and an onsite Summer Camp Facilitator. Our reimagined kids club provides inspiring and enriching activities for children, immerses them in nature and sparks creativity. These activities are designed to make sure your child has just as much of an enriching experience as you do and give you the space for significant career development.

Some of the activities we offer:

Yoga for the whole family


Beach Soccer

Coffee networking event

Mocktail making for under 18s

Sunset boat cruise

Jungle crafts workshop

Kids Belize-style cooking and baking classes and a parent's tasting event

Grown-ups night out and kids sleepover

Family trip to King Lewey's Island

Outdoor movie screening

Family Beach Sports Day

If this sounds like an adventure you want to be part of or if you have any more questions or concerns, book a call with us today. Community is at the core of what we do here at Noma Collective; we would love you and your family to be a part of it.


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