Noma x Onda Costa Rica Edition Welcome Pack



Preparing for your arrival

Getting Here & Arrival Process

Thank you for providing us with your arrival information. We are arranging your airport pickups (if you opted for this). Below is some more information about what to expect:

Costa Rica has two main international airports:  Juan Santamaria Airport (SJO) and Guanacaste / Liberia Airport (LIR).  

LIR is a 60 minute drive from Playa Grande, and SJO is 4-5 hours.  

LIR is much closer, flights are typically cheaper to SJO. From San Jose you can book a regional flight with Fly Sansa around ($100) this will get you to Tamarindo in 45min.  

Liberia to Playa Grande - Complimentary Shuttles

If you opted to fly to one of these airports and take the complimentary shuttle provided by Noma, below you will find what to expect:


Driver will be outside of customs with a sign that has the Noma Collective name on it. The shuttle will have air conditioning, and refreshments such as beer and water.  

This shuttle is catered to each customer and will be scheduled according to flight information. 

Duration- 1 hour and 10 minutes

Tamarindo to Grande - Complimentary Shuttle 

Total duration- 1 hour and 15 minutes 


Driver will be outside of customs with a sign that has the Noma Collective name on it. The shuttle will have air conditioning, and refreshments such as beer and water.  

This shuttle is catered to each customer and will be scheduled according to flight information. 

San Jose - This option is not complimentary, but we can help to organise it for you

We have 4 different transportation options from San Jose to Playa Grande for NOMA to choose from.

1. Alajuela Airport to Playa Grande - PRIVATE SHUTTLE. 

Driver will be outside of customs with a sign that has the client's name on it. The shuttle will have air conditioning, and other refreshments such as beer and water. 

This shuttle is catered to the Noma crew and will be scheduled according to flight information. 

Duration- 4-6 hours

1-4 people $275

5-8 people $319

9-11 people $360

2. Paradise Tours and Transfers- SHARED SHUTTLE (with non Noma guests)

Duration- 6-7 hours. 

$65 per person. 

This shuttle is a shared shuttle and has a set schedule, leaving San Jose twice a day.  (listed below). 


Morning Shuttle- 8:45am Departure from SJO Airport 

Afternoon Shuttle- 3:15pm Departure from SJO Airport. 

Please message @teamnoma_danielle if you would like help arranging these shuttles

3. Regional Airlines from San Jose 

Sansa Flight from SJO- Tamarindo Airport with taxi to Playa Grande

Sansa departs from SJO Airport to Tamarindo Airport a few times a day. Prices may fluctuate, but right now it looks like flights average around $126. 

Sansa flight time- 50 minutes 


Arrival Process & Orientation

Shuttles will be organized to get from LIR and SJO to ONDA, Playa Grande. If you opted for this option, a driver will be waiting for you with a NOMA COLLECTIVE sign. 

Upon your arrival and check-in at the hotel, we'll host a warm welcome ceremony. During this orientation session, we'll guide you through the program details and provide a tour of the hotel. This occasion also serves as a wonderful chance to connect with fellow Noma community members.


Things you should know before you pack: 


The average temperature in Playa Grande in November for a typical day ranges from a high of 84°F (29°C) to a low of 77°F (25°C). Some would describe it as very warm with a gentle breeze.

Currency information 

The Costa Rica Colon is preferred, but US dollars are widely accepted. We recommend traveling with small denominations of US dollars. Generally, bills larger than $20 are not accepted. Even if you use the USD, you will likely receive your change in colones.

Packing list Noma recommends:

  • Cash 
  • Swim wear/ Swim trunks
  • Comfortable walking shoes/ open toes slippers/ sandals
  • Sunscreen
  •  Bug spray
  • Clothing and shoes that you wouldn’t mind getting dirty on excursion
  • Day backpack
  • Bottle for water
  • Dry bag - useful but not necessary
  • Ethernet adaptor if you require an ethernet cable


Important - all guest communication is on slack. 

Please click on the below image to join our Noma slack channel
Slack App is available on Web, Android and iOS. Please join Noma Collective on Slack clicking on the slack logo above.

When you join Noma Collective, please do the following:

1. DM @teamnoma letting them know the Edition location & month you are attending. We will add you into the correct channels.

2. Add a display picture and a short bio sentence of current/ previous job roles and any personal information of interest that you’d like to share in the ‘what I do’ section in the edit profile section. This will help our Noma community identify each other!

The channels you will be added to are:

News-and-events - For anything related to on-site events and activity sign-ups.

@teamnoma uses this channel to let you know about the onsite event programme and a daily announcement

Please refrain from posting in this channel. If you want to respond to something the team has sent, you can 'reply in thread' of the comment.

 Onsite-chat- For community conversation. Use this as and when you please. 

Alumni - For our whole Noma Collective Community

You can also DM anyone by selecting their name in the bottom left which will enable you to discuss anything in private

If you have any questions for us, or any issues with anything on-site, please DM @TeamNoma

 Also, if you’d like to flag anything in a general chat for our attention, simply add @TeamNoma to your post and we’ll pick it up. 

We will monitor slack between 8am and 8pm daily (apart from the Community Manager's day off) if there’s anything urgent outside of those hours then please contact the front desk at the resort


The Neighborhood - Playa Grande

Situated on The Nicoya Peninsula, Playa Grande is a small surf town with a consistently great wave.  Playa Grande is approximately a 22km drive, or a quick boat ride across the estuary from bustling Tamarindo that offers a contrast of seclusion and tranquility.  Playa Grande can be described as an escape for those who wish to avoid crowds and enjoy estuaries and some of the best surf in al of Costa Rica. 

This small, relaxed community has a mellow, kicked—back vibe. Everything revolves around the rising and falling sun and surf. 

If you’re looking for the authentic Costa Rican beach life, but don’t want to be surrounded by tourists, then Playa Grande is the place to come.

A hidden gem in Costa Rica, Playa Grande is the locals’ favorite beach and popular with surfers who flock here to ride the huge waves, which crash onto white sands backed by thick jungle.

You’ll also have the chance to see leatherback turtles nesting in the Las Baulas National Marine Park.


Onda - Our Noma Home

The Address:

Main road, 250 to Northeast from MINAE Provincia de Guanacaste Playa Grande, 50309, Costa Rica

Our collaboration with ONDA provides the perfect setting for digital nomads to live and work together in paradise. The modern coliving space is just a short walk away from the beach, where you can catch world-class waves or simply relax on the sand.

We have full access to the property for our Edition so you can enjoy all the amenities for just you and your crew. 

Food & Beverage Onsite

ONDA’s Beer Garden is so much more than just a place to eat. It’s the place to meet fellow travelers, socialize with friends, and plan your future adventures. We use only the best ingredients which are sourced locally (when possible) and offer a mixture of traditional Costa Rican dishes, along with some American fusion.

Some Key Info about Onda: 

How does Laundry Service Work?

  • We do have laundry service available for $15/load of laundry (a large bag). Wash/dry/fold and ready within 24hr.

Room Cleaning Services?

  • Our standard cleaning processes are as follows:
  • Daily room refresh - quick tidying up, sweep, take out trash
  • After every 3rd night - complete deep cleaning, full linen change
  • If a guest needs a full cleaning (new sheets or something) outside of our regular cleaning schedule they can request it at the bar!

WiFi Info

We have two separate internet connections on-site:

  • Our primary connection is a 150mb up / 150mb down commercial fiber connection
  • Our secondary connection is a 200mb down / 15mb up cable connectio
  • We use a load-balancing router from Unifi that combines the connections so that an outage of either connection doesn't result in a loss of service
  • Furthermore, our IT system is connected to an uninterruptible power supply that provides 3-4 hours of power in the event of a power outage.

House Rules & Hours of Service

Hours of Coworking Space: You are free to use the space 24/7

Pool Hours: Always open baby! 

Bar & Restaurant opening hours: 


  • NO glass in the pool and surrounding pool areas. If any glass is broken in the pool, we will have to immediately close the pool and the client will be charged $2,000 for the service to empty/clean/refill the pool.
  • Outside guests are not allowed to stay the night without registering with our Guest Service agent as a guest in our system. It is our legal obligation and safety responsibility to have the information on file of every guest staying with us.
  • Guests are responsible for keeping the guest kitchen clean and tidy.

When Going Offsite 

Recommended Local Eateries in Playa Grande and greater surrounding area:

Playa Grande 

  • Rip Jack Inn 
  • El Huerto 
  • Las Olas Brewery 
  • El Beach Club 
  • Tamarindo 
  • El Chiringuito 
  • Green Papaya 
  • El Mercadito 
  • Potrero/Flamingo/Brasilito 
  • Gracia La Vid
  • Gracias Mar Vista Patagonia del Mar 
  • The Surf Box 
  • Masala

Playa Grande/Tamarindo Weekly Programming to keep in mind

  • Tamarindo Night Market - Every Thursday night. Local market with live music, food vendors, jewellery stands, and more. 
  • Tamarindo Farmers Market - Every Saturday morning. 
  • Beach Club Night Market - Every Wednesday night. Located right next door to ONDA. Local market with live music, jewelry stands, and more. 
  • Rip Jack Happy Hour - Every evening from 4pm to 6pm. Offering discounted drinks and “bocas” 

Safety Briefing - Playa Grande

1. Beach Safety:

  • Always swim in designated areas with lifeguards.
  • Be cautious of strong currents and rip tides; swim close to the shore.
  • Stay hydrated; drink plenty of water, especially in the heat.

2. Wildlife and Nature:

  • Admire wildlife from a distance; avoid touching or feeding animals.
  • Be cautious of local plants and insects; some can cause allergic reactions.
  • Respect the natural habitat; do not disturb nesting sites or wildlife.

3. Security:

  • Avoid displaying valuable items in public; use the hotel safe for your belongings.
  • Be aware of your surroundings, especially at night; travel in groups if possible.

4. Local Customs:

  • Respect the local culture and traditions; dress modestly outside of beach areas.
  • Learn basic Spanish phrases for communication; locals appreciate the effort.
  • Ask permission before taking photos of locals, especially indigenous people.

5. Medical Assistance:

  • Familiarize yourself with the location of the nearest medical facility.
  • Carry a basic first aid kit for minor injuries; seek medical help for significant issues.
  • Inform hotel staff about any medical conditions or allergies.

6. Emergency Contacts:

  • Keep a list of important contacts, including local authorities and your embassy.
  • Program local emergency numbers into your phone: Police (911) and Medical Emergency (128).


Your Digital Nomad Guide 

As digital nomads ourselves, we know how important it is to our community to change their working environments. This is why there is an onsite co-working space.

This brand new, dedicated two-floor coworking space with fast, reliable internet connection – allowing our guests to work remotely with comfort and peace of mind. The ground-floor coworking lounge features comfortable cafe-style seating in a quiet area of the hotel so you can work in a relaxed but productive environment. 

On the second floor, our coworking office provides a more formal work vibe with dedicated hot desks and two private meeting rooms designed for Zoom meetings or small group in-person huddles.


Our community, events and code of conduct

Events Schedule

Stay tuned for your personalized Google Calendar detailing all our exciting events during the two-week trip, ensuring you won't miss any activities you wish to join.

Every Sunday afternoon, we unveil the week's schedule on Slack, featuring daily events for your engagement. Anticipate a diverse range of activities to enrich your experience. Here's some of the activities you can expect:

Wellbeing: Yoga, meditation, workout sessions & surf classes

Adventure: Weekly adventures exploring the town secrets.

Community: We host various events to bring everyone together like our family dinner or potlucks. For this Edition in particular we will enjoy a very special Friends-giving feast complimentary from Noma.

Professional Growth: Noma community members have the chance to host workshops that are either their professional background or something they find interesting or useful for other guests. 

We usually have one a week. If this is something you're interested in - please reach out to Danielle to plan this into our schedule.

Code of Conduct 

We are a diverse and inclusive community, committed to supporting one another in our shared journey. Please extend your support to those organizing events and don't hesitate to ask questions; there are no such things as 'stupid questions' or 'boring events.'

At Noma, the safety and comfort of every member are paramount. We have solo travelers and staggered arrivals, so let's make every newcomer feel genuinely welcome and supported in their experience.

Understanding and Consideration

Noma attracts individuals from various backgrounds, cultures, races, genders, sexual orientations, religions, and ideologies. It's essential to be mindful of this diversity. Avoid making comments or jokes related to race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, divisive political figures, or national stereotypes. Let's practice empathy and understanding at all times.

Respectful Communication:

In our community, respectful communication is paramount. Avoid making any sexual references, innuendos, or passes that could make others uncomfortable. Let's foster an atmosphere of professionalism and mutual respect, ensuring everyone feels secure and valued.

Ensuring Safety:

1. Consent Matters: Never touch someone without their clear and enthusiastic consent.

2. Respect Personal Space: Everyone deserves their privacy and personal space; please respect their boundaries.

3. Reporting Concerns: If you witness any unsavory, criminal, or unwelcome behavior, please report it to a member of the resort staff immediately. If you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation and are unsure how to handle it, Team Noma is always available to assist.

Maintaining Confidentiality:

We value discretion and will handle issues with utmost sensitivity, unless you specify otherwise. Reach out to us in person or DM on slack if you have concerns or need assistance.

Accountability and Support:

If you wish to report something related to your Community Manager or escalate any issues, please feel free to email the Head of Community Operations at or DM her on Slack. Your safety and comfort are our top priority.

Thank you for making Noma a safe, respectful, and supportive community for everyone.

Leaving Process

Join our final night celebration before heading home. Shuttles to your preferred airport or destination will be arranged based on your provided information. Safe travels!