Buenos Aires Welcome Pack

Here's Everything You Need To Know About Your Stay at the Buenos Aires Edition


Preparing for your arrival

Getting Here:

By this point, it is likely that you have already organized your flight to Argentina,  however here is some info in case you haven’t: 

Buenos Aires has 2 different international airports, Aeroparque (AEP) and Ezeiza (EZE).

If you come from North America, the most possible situation is that you land in the Ministro Pistarini Airport, most known as Ezeiza International airport, where most of the international flights from all over the world land. Aeroparque is used more for domestics and regional flights. 


Ezeiza is situated in the Buenos Aires province, an easy 35- 40 minutes (depending on traffic) highway drive to Palermo, Buenos Aires Capital Federal ( most known as Capital, the city or CABA). 


Arrival Process

Shuttles will be organized to get from Ezeiza International Airport to L’Addresse Boutique Hotel in San Telmo. If you opted for this option, a driver will be waiting for you with a NOMA COLLECTIVE sign.

If by any reason you cannot make the shuttle, no worries, it is super easy to arrange a “Remis” (that’s what they call the interprovincial Taxis), they’re available 24 hours. Before exiting the airport, you can approach the Remis Stands (there are many different companies), tell them you’re going to San Telmo and pay with a credit/debit card. The trip is around $ 3800 (more less USD 20)

You can also book an Uber from the waiting area (outside Mcdonalds). The Ezeiza airport has open Wi-Fi you can use . The “small detail” with Uber, is that drivers prefer to be paid in cash, they might cancel your trip if the payment method is a credit card.

If you opted to make your own way, please head to the hotel reception area and check in as you would a normal hotel visit.


Once you are all settled in your hotel room, we’ll have a Welcome/Kick off Ceremony, where we will give you an orientation whereby we will run through the program and show you around the hotel.  This is also a great opportunity to meet other Noma community members.


Things you should know before you pack: 


The best time to visit Buenos Aires is from April-June (fall) or from September-December (spring). These sweet shoulder seasons usher in mild temperatures, thin crowds, and colorful foliage. Stepping out of the incredibly hot summer months January and February, April will still be warm enough for shorts and t-shirt kind of dressing, but with a pleasant breeze. Bring summer clothes as well as light layers for the evening.


Buenos Aires is a diverse city, there’s a lot of freedom on streetwear style, it's a very instinctive/feel free style. Porteños (people from the city) have a very distinct and idiosyncratic sense of fashion. Young porteños tend to dress casually. 


Tip: Wear the same clothes you would wear in your own city. 

  • Scarf
  • Light Jacket
  • Comfortable Walking shoes
  • Layers
  • Umbrella
  • Sunscreen
  • Clothing and shoes that you wouldn’t mind getting dirty 
  • Day backpack
  • Bottle for water
  • Small purse/handbag for city adventures
  • Packing List


Important - all guest communication is on slack. 

Please click on the below image to join our Noma slack channel
Slack App is available on Web, Android and iOS. Please join Noma Collective on Slack clicking on the slack logo above.

When you join Noma Collective, you will see a list of channels on the left hand side of the display. Please follow these links to join the channels: 

#BA-April-23-news-and-events - For anything related to on-site events and activity sign-ups. @teamnoma uses this channel to let you know about the onsite event programme and a daily announcements.

##BA-april-23-onsite-chat - For community conversation. In order to respect people’s time, please keep it brief.

#alumni - For our whole Noma Collective Community, to use for recommendations, travel plans, launches. 

You can also DM anyone by selecting their name in the bottom left which will enable you to discuss anything in private. 

Please add a display picture and a short bio sentence of current/ previous job roles and any personal information of interest that you’d like to share in the ‘what I do’ section in the edit profile section. This will help our Noma community identify each other! 

If you have any questions for us, or any issues with anything on-site, please DM @TeamNoma. Also, if you’d like to flag anything in a general chat for our attention, simply add @TeamNoma to your post and we’ll pick it up. 

Your Community Manager will monitor slack between 8am and 8pm daily, and will respond within the hour (usually faster than this). You will have their Whatsapp number, so if there's an emergency, you can reach out to them via Whatsapp.   

Otherwise, there’s anything urgent outside of those hours then please contact the front desk at the hotel. 


The Neighborhood - San Telmo   

San Telmo is one of the oldest and most emblematic neighborhoods in Buenos Aires. The neighborhood has gained a bohemian air thanks to the many artists and musicians in the area, and has a growing gastronomy scene with new restaurants and craft beer houses that you can get on a walking distance from the hotel.

You can also find on a walking distance, supermarkets, small neighborhood convenience stores most known as “Chinos” , traditional Argentinian bakeries, fruits and veggie shops most known as “Verdulerias”.

 The Hotel


C1141AAE, Bolívar 1491, C1141AAE CABA, Argentina

L’addresse hotel maintains the original architecture style from San Telmo. We have the whole building to ourselves during the Edition, you can use all of the spaces. 

The Front Desk at L'adresse are your first port of call for any queries that you may have with the accommodation. They can help with: 

  • Room issues
  • Maintenance request
  • Internet/Wi-Fi
  • Housekeeping
  • Any security issues

Housekeeping: your room will be cleaned once a week. If you need extra services, you can contact the front desk.

Laundry service: can be easily found around the neighbourhood. Laverap San Telmo Barracas is a great option, just 5 minutes walking from the hotel.

Food & Beverage 

Breakfast at the hotel is included; it will be served from 7am to 10 am.

The menu is what Argentines call “Desayuno Americano” or American breakfast: Coffee, tea, infusions, freshly squeezed orange juice, different kinds of bread, toasts, cake, cereal, fruits, ham, cheese & eggs .

The Coffee-bar is located in the same area as the breakfast happens, it is open for beverages from 10 am to 10 pm.

When Going Offsite 

Some of our recommended spots within walking distance in San Telmo :

  • Hierba Buena – Healthy Vegetarian
  • Bar Napoles - good pizza, pasta and vibes
  • Vina San Telmo – Wines and picadas
  • Café San Juan La Cantina
  • Atis - a gorgeous patio rooftop for coffee or evening drinks
  • Casa Telmo - a women owned coffee shop and cafe right by the market.
  • Somos Virgen - Mexican & cute interior
  • San Telmo Market *

To visit:

  • Parque Lezama
  • Museo de Arte Moderno
  • Plaza Dorrego
  • Pasaje Defensa

*Historic indoor market, offers antiques, art, different kinds of restaurants, cuisines, great coffee. It is a must visit. (Follow image link below for more info)


Buenos Aires has great public transportation. You can get anywhere by Colectivo (bus) or Subte (subway). To use the Public transportation you will need a charged SUBE card. You can buy one in any Kiosko (a mix of convenience and candy store) around the hotel.

You can also use Taxis from the Street (not recommended at night). They’re very recognizable yellow and black cars. Another option, safest for a night out, is to call an Uber or Cabify which are pretty cheap overall .

Safety Briefing

Like any South American city you have to have your wits about you. The main concern is pick pocketing or motorcycle thieves that drive by and grab your phone when you're busy scrolling. instagram. Always be aware of your surroundings and try not to take your phone on the street if you can avoid it. 

There is very little violent crime and on a whole and the 'porteño's' are lovely people and always willing to give you a helping hand. If in doubt just go into a shop or restaurant and ask for help.


Your Digital Nomad Guide 

As digital nomads ourselves, we know how important it is to our community to change their working environments. This is why we have established the living room (where the coffee station also is) and the courtyard as working area for all the guests. 

In case you need more privacy for calls, the rooms also have table areas where you can work. 

Of course, all of these areas have great Wi-Fi, however if there are any drops, please contact the front desk .

If there is a site wide drop out which can occasionally occur, then please contact your Community Manager on slack. They will have data sims that you can hotspot from.

There are also lots of co-working spots within walking distance, our recommendation is Benveo San Telmo... 


Our community, events and code of conduct

Events Schedule

You will receive a shared google schedule two weeks prior to arrival, so that you know what to expect when you arrive.  

Sign up: We announce the weekly events schedule on Slack every Sunday Afternoon, which includes, depending on the day, 1 or 2 events. Here, you will have sign up links and instructions. 

Wellbeing : Yoga, meditation, running/ walks around the city. 

Adventure: Weekly adventures exploring the city secrets. Tango & Milonga shows, museums, theater, rooftops, speakeasy bars, etc. 

Community: we host various events to bring everyone together like our family diner. 

Professional Growth: Noma community members a month host workshops that are either their professional background or something they find interesting or useful for other guests.

Code of Conduct 

We are a community, please be supportive in people’s efforts to organise things and ask questions. There are no such things as stupid questions or boring events. 

We have a lot of solo travellers and people’s arrival times are staggered, so please make sure that you’re friendly and welcoming to new arrivals as it can be a pretty daunting process at the start. 

We attract people from all backgrounds, creeds and ideologies. Please be conscious when making comments about religions, divisive political figures or national stereotypes. Be considerate. Social etiquette applies here as it does elsewhere: 

  • Don't touch people without their consent 
  • Respect people’s privacy, including their right to personal space (they might not want to be disturbed) 
  • Report any unsavory, criminal or unwelcome behaviour to a member of the resort staff If you feel uncomfortable and are not sure how to deal with a situation then Team Noma are always on hand to help. 

We will exercise discretion unless you specify otherwise. Please feel free to reach out to us on @TeamNoma. 

If you would like to report something to do with your Community Manager, please feel free to email the Head of Community Operations on calla@noma-collective.com 

Leaving Process

Leaving Ceremony 

We will have a space to share how it was to spend a month in this exciting and vibrant city! Wine, cheese and stories will be in order. 

Here, we will hold a Community Forum, where you will get to give feedback about your experience to help us continue to grow, improve, and keep doing the things you love.

Transfers to the Airport 

Transfers to the airport Transfer to Ezeiza International Airport will be organized. If you prefer to make your own way, you can call an Uber, Cabify or ask at the hotel reception for a Remis. Please let us know what your choice will be.