Bocas Del Toro Welcome Pack

Everything you need to know about your trip



Preparing for your arrival

Getting Here:

By this point, it is likely that you have already organised your travel to our Noma Panama Edition, however here is some info in case you haven’t:

First thing you need to know is that there's no direct flight to Bocas Del Toro if you're flying from outside of Panama. What we suggest you doing is fly into Panama City to Tocumen International Airport (PTY).

Secondly, you will book your flight to Bocas Del Toro. Once in Tocumen international airport, you will need to get a taxi or Uber to Albrook International Airport (PAC). Albrook is the domestic airline airport where you will be catching your local flight to Bocas Del Toro. We recommend flying Air Panama. The flight from Panama City to Bocas del Toro is 50 minutes and you land at International airport of Bocals del Toro (BOC)

Once in Bocas Del Toro shuttles will be organised to get you to Nowhere Hotel (NOMA Panama Edition).

Arrival Process

Shuttles will be organized to get from the International Airport of Bocas Del Toro to Nowhere Hotel in Bocas Del Toro. If you opted for this option, a driver will be waiting for you with a NOMA COLLECTIVE sign.

If by any reason you cannot make the shuttle, no worries, it is super easy to arrange a taxi, they’re available 24 hours. (more or less USD $2-5)

If you opted to make your own way, please head to the hotel reception area and check in as you would a normal hotel visit.


Once you are all settled in your room, we’ll have a Welcome ceremony, where we will give you an orientation whereby we will run through the program and show you around the hotel. This is also a great opportunity to meet other Noma community members.


Things you should know before you pack: 


Bocas del Toro in October is the best month to visit for the vacationer looking for paradisiacal Caribbean beaches and perfect weather. October sees very little rainfall (mostly at night)

Be prepared that there will be light showers occasionally mainly through the night. Don't worry, you'll still have beautiful sunny days.

Packing list Noma recommends:

Cash - The currency is USD

Swim wear/ Swim trunks

Comfortable Walking shoes/ Open toes slippers/ Sandals

Sunscreen, Bug spray

Clothing and shoes that you wouldn’t mind getting dirty on excursion

Day backpack

Bottle for water

Dry bag - useful but not necessary

Ethernet adaptor if you require an ethernet cable


Important - all guest communication is on slack. 

Please click on the below image to join our Noma slack channel
Slack App is available on Web, Android and iOS. Please join Noma Collective on Slack clicking on the slack logo above.

When you join Noma Collective, please do the following:

1. DM @teamnoma letting them know the Edition location & month you are attending. We will add you into the correct channels.

2. Add a display picture and a short bio sentence of current/ previous job roles and any personal information of interest that you’d like to share in the ‘what I do’ section in the edit profile section. This will help our Noma community identify each other!

The channels you will be added to are:

News-and-events - For anything related to on-site events and activity sign-ups.

@teamnoma uses this channel to let you know about the onsite event programme and a daily announcement

Please refrain from posting in this channel. If you want to respond to something the team has sent, you can 'reply in thread' of the comment.

 Onsite-chat- For community conversation. Use this as and when you please. 

Alumni - For our whole Noma Collective Community

You can also DM anyone by selecting their name in the bottom left which will enable you to discuss anything in private

If you have any questions for us, or any issues with anything on-site, please DM @TeamNoma

 Also, if you’d like to flag anything in a general chat for our attention, simply add @TeamNoma to your post and we’ll pick it up. 

We will monitor slack between 8am and 8pm daily (apart from the Community Manager's day off) if there’s anything urgent outside of those hours then please contact the front desk at the resort


The Neighborhood - Bocas Del Toro

Find yourself at the pulse of Bocas town in only 15 minutes cycling down south. Enjoy bars, island nightlife and the convenience of shops, restaurants or supermarkets open 7 days a week. Heading north, in similar distance, you will experience mind blowing surf and palm fringed beaches, almost empty all year round. Grab one of our boards and go surfing with your mates after a digital day in the jungle.


Nowhere Remote - Our Noma Home

No corners, flat walls, no roof, self-sustaining structure - the most efficient and strong shape, truly inspired by nature. Nowhere Eco Domes are built with insulating AirCrete, can withstand earthquakes and collapsing trees. This architecture allows to built right under a lush tropical shelter, where monkey families pass by day in and day out.

There are two Nowhere Community Managers of the front desk/reception at Nowhere. They are your first point of call for any require about your room or any other requirement.

Room issues

Maintenance request




Any security issues

Housekeeping: your room will be cleaned once a week. If you need extra services, you can contact the front desk.

Laundry service: Will also be done once a week on the house. Laundry service outside of this can be easily found in town.

Amenities - you're free to enjoy the pool, jungle gym, communal kitchen, and bikes, whenever you please.

Food & Beverage 

Currently, there is no restaurant onsite. However, we do have a communal kitchen that's available 24/7 to all Noma guests. There will be a bar onsite to get beers and cocktails as you work or lounge throughout your day.

For all our coffee lovers, we'll have it available all day.

When Going Offsite 

Some of our recommended riding distance favorites in Bocas Del Toro :

Skully's - Pirate-themed bar/restaurant

Carolina Beach Club

Paunch beach

Paki point

Sand dollar beach

Dosha organic cafe

Ciao Pizza

To visit:

Bluff Beach

La Buga Gastro market

Raw fusion

Zapatilla Island

Red Frog Beach

There are plenty of beautiful beaches, surfing, snorkelling/diving and jungle treks waiting to be explored.


Bocas del has great public transportation. You can get anywhere by Colectivo (bus) or taxis, which the front desk or Mariela, our community manager can help you to arrange.

You can also use water taxis to go island hopping or fun getaways!


Your Digital Nomad Guide 

As digital nomads ourselves, we know how important it is to our community to change their working environments. This is why we have an established co-working space for you. Swap white office walls for 360° jungle views and enjoy solid office infrastructure in the middle of NOWHERE.

In case you need more privacy, the rooms also have table areas where you can work. Each dome has been installed with its own router and they all have between 50-90mps.

Of course, all of these areas have great Wi-Fi however if there are any drops, please contact the front desk.

There are sometimes storms which can affect connectivity for the whole island. We give you Mifi personal hotspot devices with preloaded data so that you have a backup, however, please remember that you are working from a tropical island, and in very rare cases, the storm might be so bad that you lose connection totally for a little while.


Our community, events and code of conduct

Events Schedule

We announce the weekly events Schedule on slack every Sunday Afternoon, which includes, depending on the day, 2 or 3 events.

Wellbeing: Yoga, meditation, running/walks around the city.

Adventure: Weekly adventures exploring the town secrets.

Community: We host various events to bring everyone together like our family dinner or potlucks.

Professional Growth: Noma community members have the chance to host workshops that are either their professional background or something they find interesting or useful for other guests. We usually have one a week. If this is something you're interested in - please reach out to Mariela to plan this into our schedule.

Code of Conduct 

We are a community, please be supportive in people’s efforts to organise things and ask questions. There are no such things as stupid questions or boring events.

We have a lot of solo travellers and people’s arrival times are staggered, so please make sure that you’re friendly and welcoming to new arrivals as it can be a pretty daunting process at the start.

We attract people from all backgrounds, creeds and ideologies. Please be conscious when making comments about religions, divisive political figures or national stereotypes. Be considerate. Social etiquette applies here as it does elsewhere:

  • Don't touch people without their consent
  • Respect people’s privacy, including their right to personal space (they might not want to be disturbed)
  • Report any unsavory, criminal or unwelcome behaviour to a member of the resort staff

If you feel uncomfortable and are not sure how to deal with a situation then Team Noma are always on hand to help. We will exercise discretion unless you specify otherwise. Please feel free to reach out to Calla on @TeamNoma on slack or grab us in person for a chat.

Leaving Process

Leaving Ceremony 

We will have a space to share how it was to spend a month in this wonderful Caribbean island! Drinks, food and games will be in order.

Transfers to the Airport 

Shuttles to Bocas Del Toro Airport will be organized.

If you prefer to make your own way, we can call you a Taxi.