Marrakech Edition - December 1st to December 22nd, 2024

Spend three weeks exploring the enchanting city of Marrakech, Morocco, brought to you by Noma Collective and Outsite.



Embark on a captivating three-week workaway to the enchanting city of Marrakech, Morocco, as NOMA Collective partners with OUTSITE to curate an immersive experience for digital nomads. Nestled amidst the vibrant tapestry of Marrakech's culture, this unique journey seamlessly blends remote work with cultural exploration, offering an opportunity to thrive in your professional pursuits while basking in the splendor of Moroccan traditions. Your accommodations at OUTSITE in Marrakech, located in traditional Riad-style properties, offer a truly authentic experience. Riads are known for their charming, inward-facing courtyards, lush gardens, and ornate architecture, creating an oasis of tranquility amidst the bustling medina. These accommodations provide a comfortable and inspiring workspace while immersing you in the rich Moroccan architectural heritage. As you venture beyond your work hours with your new Noma-d crew, iconic landmarks such as the Jardin Majorelle, the historic Medina, and the bustling Djemaa El-Fna beckon you to explore their beauty and history. Dive into Marrakech's vibrant local culture by strolling through the bustling markets where artisans showcase their craftsmanship in textiles, ceramics, and intricate metalwork. Don't miss the chance to savor the city's renowned cuisine, with tantalizing flavors of tagine, couscous, and aromatic spices awaiting you at every corner. Join NOMA Collective and OUTSITE for an unparalleled fusion of work, travel, and the allure of Morocco's captivating heritage,


Get Lost In The Souks

Get Lost In The Souks

These bustling marketplaces are filled with traditional textiles, pottery and a huge selection of spices. Get lost in the maze of shadowy alleys with surprises at every corner.

Appreciate the Moroccan Architecture

Appreciate the Moroccan Architecture

The unique blend of Berber, Islamic, Moorish and French architecture makes Marrakech an amazing city to explore. Pay a visit to the Bahia Palace to see the best of the extravagant designs.

Explore the Agafay Desert

Explore the Agafay Desert

Just thirty kilometers south of Marrakech is the Agafay Desert where you can explore the sights of the desert by camelback. Take a day trip from the city to see the sights of the diverse country.

What's Included

What's Included

Stunning Riad OUTSITE accommodation

Safe and secure accommodation

Co living in a private accommodation with ensuite bathroom

Private workspace in each room

Community manager onsite

Onsite workspaces

Communal Kitchen

Private Pool

Rooftop Terrace


Laundry on-site

Preloaded local data sims

Curated events itinerary

Excursions (additional cost)

Group family dinners (additional cost)

2 yoga classes per week

Airport pickup and drop off

Guest led workshops

Access to private Slack channel with 700+ worldwide Noma alumni


Local Transportation

Food & beverage


Master Room with private terrace

Master Room with private terrace

This master suite features on ensuite bathroom, queen size bed, work desk, A/C, closet and terrace.


Large King Room

Large King Room

Spacious private room with one king size bed, ensuite private bathroom, desk, A/C and wardrobe.


Large Queen Room

Large Queen Room

Spacious private room with one queen size bed, ensuite private bathroom, desk, A/C and wardrobe.


King Room

King Room

Private room with one king size bed, ensuite private bathroom, desk A/C and wardrove.


Queen Room

Queen Room

Private room with one queen size bed, ensuite private bathroom, desk, A/C and wardrobe.


Trip tips

Carry Small Bills and Coins

Carry Small Bills and Coins

In Marrakech, it's advisable to carry small Moroccan dirhams in lower denominations. Many local vendors, taxis, and small shops may prefer cash, and having change on hand will make transactions smoother and more convenient during your stay.

Bargaining Skills Are Handy

Bargaining Skills Are Handy

Marrakech's bustling souks (markets) are a shopping paradise, but prices are often negotiable. Polite haggling is expected, especially when shopping for textiles, crafts, and souvenirs. Embrace the art of negotiation, and you may find fantastic deals while immersing yourself in the local market culture.

You'll Be Staying Here



A traditional riad complete with pool, hammam and rooftop terrace. Make use of the shared kitchen, indoor patios, outdoor terraces and the workspace, all furnished with ornate Moroccan textiles and crafts.


A typical week at NOMA Collective in Marrakech is a unique blend of work and immersive cultural experiences. Digital nomads can expect to start their days with productive work sessions in traditional Riad-style accommodations provided by OUTSITE. Beyond work hours, the week unfolds with explorations of iconic Marrakech landmarks such as the Jardin Majorelle, the historic Medina, and the bustling Djemaa El-Fna. Adventurous spirits can dive into the city's vibrant local culture by perusing bustling markets, interacting with artisans, and savoring the renowned Moroccan cuisine. NOMA Collective in Marrakech offers a harmonious fusion of professional growth and cultural immersion, making every week an unforgettable journey into the heart of Morocco's captivating heritage.

No! None of the events are compulsory. We include events that suit everyone and help to create bonds within the community. We suggest that everyone attends the family dinner as its a great way to meet the whole group and welcome any new arrivals, but you can opt out if you'd like. 

There are 17 private rooms in the riad.

Yes you do! We are a community that host and facilitate remote workers all around the world bringing a change to their 9-5 work schedule.

All you need to do is get a flight to the international airport in Marrakech; Marrakesh Menara Airport.

Once landed in Marrakech Noma will be waiting to pick you up and take you back to the Riad.

Any cancellation of reservations or portions of reservations MUST be received in writing.

●  60 days or more prior to arrival = 100% refund of deposit, less 20% cancellation fee (of total trip price) + US$100 processing fee. 

●  0 - 60 days prior to arrival = No refund

●  No show = No refund

●  All shared accommodation is non transferable

Due to the above it is HIGHLY recommended that all clients purchase “trip cancellation insurance” in order to cover a possible cancellation of 60 days or less of your itinerary.

Marrakech Edition - December 1st to December 22nd, 2024

Morocco· 21 nights