Kenya Edition x Kaleidoscope Festival - March 5th - March 30th

Join us in Watamu, Kenya where safari meets white sandy beaches for a once-in-a lifetime digital nomad adventure.



Join us on an escape to Kenya for a once in a lifetime educational and cultural experience. Safari meets white sandy beaches for an unforgettable digital nomad adventure. Your base will be in Watamu, an authentic village situated on the spectacular Indian Ocean. It is a mix of traditional Bantu village, meets little Italy, meets Swahili Arab haven. It's a place you could never understand until you've waded through its waters, heard its a call to prayer waft to greet the breaking sunrise, tasted the diverse offerings of palates in a beachside hut, wrapped yourself in its colorful wax cloths, and danced the night away to the polyphonic singing and dancing of its local people. Expect an event schedule of a weekend dance music festival on-site at Temple Point, sunset dhow boat experiences, cultural immersions, ancient Swahili ruins trip, group family dinners at local restaurants, dance nights in town and optional Maasai Mara safari add on.


Kaleidoscope Festival

Kaleidoscope Festival

Kaleidoscope Festival is a unique art concept featuring local and international DJ’s, vendors, culinary adventures, yoga, tattoos, and more! On the weekend of 11th of March, at Temple Point, our Noma home for the Edition, the various stages, play in the interactive art experiences, and meet people from all walks of life, right on your doorstep.

Maasai Mara Safari

Maasai Mara Safari

You can't come to Kenya without doing a safari. We will be including an optional excursion to the famous Masai Mara safari at the end of your three weeks in Watamu. Expect to get up close and personal with the Big 5 as well as meeting and supporting the Maasai community, for an authentic, unforgettable experience in the Mara. This will be an additional cost



Temple point has yoga 6 days a week, with a mixture of morning and evening classes. Yoga is set in an idyllic location, on a deck overlooking the creek with mountains on the horizon. You will be flowing underneath a Baobab tree with monkeys playing overhead.



Watamu, our location for the month of July is one of the best locations in the world for kitesurfing. Come and try it for the first time, or practise your existing skills.

What's Included

What's Included

Coliving in private accommodation with en suite bathroom

Idyllic location on the point of Watamu

Local data sims for personal hot spot

3 day festival ticket worth $400

6 yoga classes per week

Curated events itinerary

Onsite community manager

Excursions (additional cost)

Group family dinners (additional cost)

Airport pickup and drop off

Guest led workshops

Onsite bar & restaurant

Onsite pool

Access to private slack channel with 400+ worldwide members


Food & beverage

Local trasportation

Temple Point

Come discover the spirit of this amazing continent at the unique location of Temple Point Resort, Watamu.

Located at the peak of the Watamu Peninsula, the Temple Point Resort offers Swahili style rooms nestled into the privacy of bungalows with views over the enclosed botanical garden or the Mida Creek National Park. Work spaces include a private in room desk, private terrace and several work spaces throughout the resort equipped with WiFi. Downtime at the resort includes relaxing by the beach and pool, watching a movie at the beach cinema, and taking advantage of the on-site gym and spa. Dining is also stress-free, with multiple restaurants on-site and a communal kitchen for exclusive use by digital nomads.

Excursions can include traditional Indian Ocean boat trips on dhows, tuk tuk tours, a tour of the incredible ancient Gede Ruins, and a visit to Mount Kenya, Kilimanjaro. Watamu boasts a world class reef for scuba diving and snorkelling at Watamu Marine National Park where you can submerge yourself in the Indian Ocean amongst dolphins, turtles, octopus and more.

Part of this Edition includes entry to Kaleidoscope Festival, a three day event onsite at Temple Point, so you'll never have to leave! CHECK IT OUT HERE

Temple Point

Trip tips

Bring a go with the flow attitude

Bring a go with the flow attitude

Watamu has a wonderful slow paced vibe, much like any laid back coastal towns. Things might not always go to plan, but we can assure you, you will have more beautiful experiences by learning to let loose and enjoy it for what it is.

Do you have heavy bandwidth requirements?

Do you have heavy bandwidth requirements?

With Watamu being on a peninsular, sometimes we experience power outages. Due to this, we always provide personal data hotspots to ensure you're covered in the case of dropouts. If you have the type of job that requires uninterrupted super fast connection for the whole work day, then perhaps one of our other locations would be better suited for you. An alternative we suggest If you have heavy bandwidth requirement and need a strong direct line from the modem to your laptop we recommend bringing an ethernet cable and adaptor for your laptop.


There is a wonderful co-working space onsite as well as multiple stunning areas to work from around the property. You also have desks in your rooms and a space outside your rooms to take personal calls.

Temple Point has 50-100mps covering a lot of the resort. The wifi is strong. however dropouts may occur due to the resort being on a peninsular. 

We provide local data personal Mifi devices to ensure that you can stay connected during calls and offsite. 

If you require strong, uninterrupted connection for the full work day, then perhaps another one of our Noma locations would be better suited to you.

Visitors without a vaccine certificate must have a negative COVID-19 PCR test result. Foreign visitors should take the PCR test no more than 72 hours before departure from the first embarkation point.

There is an onsite laundry service, or multiple locations around town that can do your laundry if you opt for this. 

There is a small makeshift kitchen available for our guests to use to prepare food. Note that this is not a fully equipped kitchen.

With two restaurants onsite and an option for catered food to be delivered, as well as cafes within walking distance, there are multiple options for food at Temple Point. 

A typical week in Watamu is a great mixture of productivity and focused work hours, wellness, skill sharing and letting loose on the weekends with fun nights out. Expect weekend excursions like boat trips, cultural immersions, nature walks, beach visits.

15-20 people will be on this Kenya Edition. 

No! None of the events are compulsory. We include events that suit everyone and help to create bonds within the community. We suggest that everyone attends the family dinner as its a great way to meet the whole group and welcome any new arrivals, but you can opt out if you'd like. 

Yes you do need to be working on a project or your job to join. We are a community that host and facilitate remote workers all around the world bringing a change to their 9-5 work schedule.

The closes airport is Malindi which you can fly into from major international airports Nairobi and Mombasa. 

There are tuktuk and boda (motorcycle) drivers available all over town and can be arranged for you to get around. They are super affordable and safe. 

There are doctors in Watamu town (5 minutes from Temple Point) and the hospital is in Malindi, approx 30 minute drive away.

Any cancellation of reservations or portions of reservations MUST be received in writing.

●  45 days or more prior to arrival = 100% refund of deposit, less 20% cancellation fee + US$100 processing fee. 

●  0 - 45 days prior to arrival = No refund

●  No show = No refund

●  All shared accommodation is non transferable

Due to the above it is HIGHLY recommended that all clients purchase “trip cancellation insurance” in order to cover a possible cancellation of 45 days or less of your itinerary.

Kenya Edition x Kaleidoscope Festival - March 5th - March 30th

Kenya· 25 nights